$499 Website Design


WordPress web/blog/site, FTP upload, and WordPress install

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This option includes:

  • website consultation
  • website design
  • informational input
  • arrangement
  • FTP upload of website files
  • installation of WordPress

More Info

WordPress is a powerful website content management system (CMS) and is incredibly versatile in the range of website types it can be used to create and manage. Utilizing the best aspects of cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, php, and MySQL, a WordPress-powered site facilitates a professional web presence. To top it all off, WordPress sites feature an administrator back-end, allowing the site owner to easily manage their site’s content and make updates & changes as needed.

Please Note:

The customer must provide all wording, desired images, page names, and content for their website before design time begins

Domain & Hosting NOT INCLUDED.

The customer must pay domain and hosting fees. Neither are included in the $499 package.

We offer a hosting option, but we are not able to sell domain names. Those must be purchased from an Accredited Domain Name Registrar.

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