In-Store Computer Repair Service

System Tune-up

  • Virus /spyware removal
  • Startup Error Repair
  • Registry Fix
  • Junk / Unwanted Files Removal
  • Free System Optimization

OS Install / Reinstall

  • Install OS to Factory Settings
  • Install Drivers and Updates
  • any software install (provided by customer)
  • Junk / Unwanted Files Removal
  • Free System Optimization

Data Backup / Recovery

  • Backup Unlimited Data
  • Transfer data to new computer /Device
  • Recover data from formated / Deleted HDD
  • Data Recovery from corrupted Hard drive

LCD Repair

  • Crack Lcd Replacement
  • Backlight Repair

Peripheral / Mass Storage

  • Install / Upgrade Hard Drive
  • Install / Upgrade Ram
  • Install Video Card
  • Install Sound Card

Hardware Repair

  • Motherboard Repair / Replacement
  • Motherboard Video Re-soldering
  • DC Jack Repair / Replacement
  • LCD Repair / Replacement (Mac)
  • LCD Hinges Repair / Replacement
ADD On Services $30

Additional service can be added to exiting work order

  • System Tune-up
  • Data Backup
  • OS Install
  • Priority Service

PC & Mac – Laptop / Desktop Services & Repairs

Known Issues

Hard drive crashes, computer viruses, and BIOS failures are only a few of the problems that can hamper your computer’s performance. The internet has brought many new challenges to computer users. Viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, spam and popups have become a major source of computer problems that cost businesses money. Our professionals are certified and trained in isolating and correcting problems that your computer may encounter.

What are Computer Viruses and Spyware?

Computer viruses and spyware are small software programs that spread from one computer to another computer and that interfere with computer operation.

Symptoms of a Computer Virus or Spyware Infection

  • The computer stops responding, or it locks up frequently.
  • The computer crashes, and then it restarts every few minutes.
  • The computer restarts on its own. Additionally, the computer does not run as usual.
  • Applications on the computer do not work correctly.

Note: These are common signs of infection. However, these signs may also be caused by hardware or software problems that have nothing to do with a computer virus or spyware.