Our services are rendered with the highest precedence given to quality no hassle, remote support to home users and small businesses.

Remote Repair Services

*Virus / spyware Removal (one time) Flat Rate $79

*Unlimited Virus / Spyware Removal (1yr) Flat Rate $179

*Unlimited Virus / Spyware Removal 3PCs (1yr) Flat Rate $279

Virus & Spyware Removal

While there may be signs your computer has a virus or spyware infection (slow performance, unable to launch programs, pop ups, error messages at startup, etc.), the only way to know for sure is to have your computer scanned for viruses.

Remote Computer Repair.

Data Backup or Transfer

Whether it’s a lightning bolt or a spilled cup of coffee, you never know when your computer is going to get fried.
Transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer
Backup or transfer your data to an external hard drive or other media (Unlimited GB)

Email Setup

Email has become an integral part of modern life. Let us help you create an account and teach you how to use it like the pros. Setup configures your email address with outlook express, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Exchange. Setup and help with yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail. Or Business email account.

Printer Install /Setup

Need a new printer setup? We know what “PC Load Letter” means and everything else about printers. Let us setup your printer and get you printing ASAP.
Setup and configuration of your new local or networking printer
Answer any questions you have about printer features and functions

Software Install / Setup

Our Professionals can install upgrades,enhances performance, and shows you how to keep it all running smoothly. Windows Vista TM is the latest operating system from Microsoft. If you are considering upgrading your computer to use it, you should first determine whether it is powerful enough, and whether all the peripherals you use are supported. One of our Professional Agent can come out to upgrade Windows Vista for you.

Wireless Networking

Cut the cords! But do it safely. When you call American Tech, our experienced and certified professionals will configures your wireless network and makes sure it’s properly encrypted to help prevent neighbors or strangers from using your Internet connection.
Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers and other media (photos, videos, music, etc.)