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FLAT RATE $69 (no fix no pay guaranteed)
Is your computer sluggish? We can get it up to speed again! Our professional technician can install and upgrade, enhances performance and show you how to keep it all running smoothly. Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. If you are considering upgrading your computer to use it, you should first determine whether it is powerful enough and whether all the peripherals you use are supported.

Certified Technicians
We can repair your computer for all forms of malicious software, including viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, fake software and keylogges.

American Tech is Computer Repair & Service Company serving residential and business customers.

Get the help that fits you: :)
1.  Drop off your PC for repair in Berkeley (510)705-1915.Flat Rate $69
Drop off your PC for repair in Concord (925)405-3014.Flat Rate $69
2.  Call 800-406-1544 for remote computer repair service. Flat Rate $79
3.  Call 800-406-1544 for In-home or business computer repair service. Flat Rate $99

Email: support@myamericantech.com

Free Computer Pick Up/Drop Off within 10 miles of Berkeley Location

Virus Removal – DATA Backup & Recovery – OS Install / Repair – DC Jack Repair – Broken LCD Repair – Motherboard Repair – Hard drive Upgrade – Video Chip Re-Soldering – No Power – Blue Screen of Death – Pop Ups – Ram Upgrade – Hard Drive Error – Running slow……………………… WE FIX IT ALL!

Remote Repair Services
*  Virus / spyware Removal (one time) Flat Rate $79
*  Unlimited Virus / Spyware Removal (1yr) Flat Rate $179
*  Unlimited Virus / Spyware Removal 3PCs (1yr) Flat Rate $279


Is your system sluggish? We can get it up to speed again! Our Professional Tech can install upgrades, enhance performance, and show you how to keep it all running smoothly.More

Our services are rendered with the highest precedence given to quality no hassle, remote support to home users and small businesses.More

By outsourcing your Computer service and support to American Tech, you’re assured of 100% quality and reliability on every project undertaken. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.More

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Any Computer Repair, Low Flat Rates starts with $69
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New! American Tech Now Offers Web Design Services! Website packages start at $499. Learn more here.

First look at Windows 8.1

“The new Windows still has my desktop and Start button. Plus, it’s got a lot of new features like Bing Smart Search. And with the Surface 2, I can use touch for playing games or surfing the Web. And I can do it all on the new Widescreen HD display.”

iPhone at its largest. And thinnest.”

“iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure. Learn more

“Smarter ways to connect, create and share make the sleek and stylish line of Galaxy Smartphones the leader in next-generation mobile devices.
It Takes a Lot of Things to be The Next Big Thing
*Shoot Like a Pro *Touch Free *Group Play *Hardware Excellence”

Software Known Issues

    • Viruses/Spyware
    • Blue Screen of Death
    • Running Slow
    • Spam Emails
    • No Boot
    • Slow Startup
    • Drivers Corrupted/Missing
    • Pop-ups
    • Bloatware
    • Operating System Corruption

Hardware Known Issues

    • Hard Drive Crashes
    • BIOS Failure
    • Smart Drive Failure
    • No Power
    • No Display
    • Grinding Noise
    • High Pitch Noise
    • Over Heating
    • DC Jack Loose/Broken
    • Cracked LCD

List of Services

    • Virus / Spyware Removal
    • OS Repair / Upgrade
    • Crack LCDs Repair / Replacement
    • Video Repair / Re-soldering
    • DC Jack Repair
    • Hard Drive & Ram Upgrade
    • Blue Screen of Death Repair
    • Data Backup & Recovery
    • System Tune-up & Optimization
    • Networking & Wireless Setup